Our Staff


Scott has over 11 years experience and is the head honcho!
Scott Specialises in Realism, however with Scotts extensive experience has created beautiful tattoos from most disciplines. Scott owned a successful business selling and installing roof blinds, but didn’t fulfil his creative passion.


The Master

Smoother than the cream cheese on your morning bagel


Studio Manager

James is the latest addition to the team, he has over 6 years experience and specialises in black and grey neo-traditonal, I can do traditional as well and neo-traditonal colour if needs be.

You can use the link below to contact James directly.


Tattoo Artist

Scott's wife and real boss Jo is a beautician and owner of The Beyouty Room. I'm married to Scott Laidlaw, the owner of The Drawing Room. We decided to set up two businesses of the same premises over 3 years ago, and the rest is history.

I've been in the beauty industry for well over 15 years and I cover various treatments.


tattoo jess e1568627708953

Hi I'm Jess, I'm 23, i like death metal and crude conversations! Tattooing since February 2013, my style is mainly black and grey realism and my favourite things to tattoo are horror and portraits (especially animals). I've been told I'm very gentle which can come in handy when having a full day sitting.


Tattoo Artist